Innovators do not work within conventional boundaries, they develop new ideas and bring them to fruition, often changing the entire landscape they are working within. It’s been nearly a decade since Epic Kayaks released their original V10 surfski, an ocean-racing kayak that did more than define the Epic brand. It redefined the sport of surfski and set a new standard of design and production that fueled growth of the sport worldwide.

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Shipping Kayaks & Surfskis
We are happy to help facilitate the delivery of an outrigger or surfski directly to you when necessary. We are often traveling throughout New England, and the entire east coast, attending races and events, picking up shipments and making deliveries.  We will do our best to work out a delivery plan, at an affordable rate, for your new boat.  Alternatively, we will use KAS Transport, a private shipping company that specializes in the transport of canoes, kayaks and rowing shells. Using KAS provides a safe shipping option for these high-end composite canoes and racing skis. Please contact us to discuss boat orders, including shipping options. It is always best to discuss these important purchases directly!